Rannikko farm


Rannikko farm locates in South-West Finland, about 150 km west from Helsinki. Nearest town is Salo. Main products are strawberries, peas and cucumbers, along with rasberry and watermelon.

Open jobs

If you want to come to Finland and work at Rannikko farm next summer, please send us email and tell something about yourself. Things we need to know are where are you coming from, when can you start and how long can you stay.

Every summer we will need a few people starting already on May, most of the work is done in June and July, but something should still do in August and September. Picking strawberry takes about 8 weeks, it usually starts in the late June, and goes on until end of August.


How to come to farm

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport there comes a bus to Turku via Salo.

If you come via Helsinki centrum (by train or boat), you can take a train or bus to Turku via Salo.

From Salo there is about 15 km to our farm.

If we know when you are coming we can pick you up from Salo.


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